Valter: Monstrous Moonstone - B18-099R

Valter: Monstrous Moonstone - B18-099R - Fire Emblem Cipher 18

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  • Description

    Class Wyvern Knight (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
    Symbol Legendary Weapons None Affinities Male Lance Flier Beast None
    Attack 70 Support 30 Range 1
    Quote "I am Valter, the Moonstone. You're a dead man. The wench goes with me."
    Skill 1 "You're just a corpse." CONT If this unit is attacking your opponent's Main Character, this unit gains +10 attack.
    Skill 2 "Try to outrun death." CONT If this unit is in the Front Line, this unit may attack your opponent's Main Character regardless of range.
    Skill 3 "Bend your knee, and beg for your life." AUTO [ Flip 2 Bonds ] When this unit's attack destroys your opponent's Main Character, you may pay the cost and if you do: Your opponent choose 1 card from their hand, and sends it to the Retreat Area.
    Card Code B18-099R Illustrator Tomohide Takaya
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