Valjean: Future Ruler-Guarding Shield - B18-100HN

Valjean: Future Ruler-Guarding Shield - B18-100HN - Fire Emblem Cipher 18

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  • Description

    Class General (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
    Symbol Legendary Weapons None Affinities Male Lance Armored None None
    Attack 60 Support 10 Range 1
    Quote "Oh, my... Might this be an egg? Do excuse me, but I daresay this would be a fine contribution to my liegelady's ravenous adolescent appetite."
    Skill 1 A Sneaky Survey of the Monster's Nest CONT If this unit is attacking an enemy with a Deployment Cost of 3 or lower, this unit gets +30 Attack.
    Skill 2 Armor Expertise CONT If this unit is being attacked by a non-Tome, this unit gains +20 attack.
    Card Code B18-100HN Illustrator Mayo
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