Poe: Giving Angel - B19-050N

Poe: Giving Angel - B19-050N - Fire Emblem Cipher 19

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  • Description

    Class Monk (Beginner) Cost 1
    Symbol Crest of the Goddess None Affinities Female Tome None None None
    Attack 10 Support 20 Range -
    Quote "Now, now - do not be cry. I will teach these nasty folk who come after your village a lesson."
    Skill 1 Heal, Light Magic ACT [ Tap This Unit, Flip 2 Bonds ] Choose 1 other ally. Choose 1 card with the same unit name as that ally from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
    Skill 2 Angel's Gift AUTO Once Per Turn When a card from your hand is sent to the Retreat Area by an enemy's skill or your opponent's support skill, choose up to 1 cards from your Retreat Area, and add them to your hand.
    Support Skill Defense Support Miracle Emblem Support Until the end of this combat, your opponent's attacking unit cannot perform a Critical Hit.
    Card Code B19-050N Illustrator Tetsu Kurosawa

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