Lana: Cleric of the Liberators - B19-080N

Lana: Cleric of the Liberators - B19-080N - Fire Emblem Cipher 19

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  • Description

    Class Priest (Base) Cost 3(2)
    Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Female Tome None None None
    Attack 40 Support 20 Range 1-2
    Quote "It was Mother's words that inspired me in the first place... She said that we owe a great debt to the people of Isaach, and that anything we can do for them in return, we must."
    Skill 1 Heal ACT [ Tap This Unit, Flip 2 Bonds ] Choose 1 non-"Lana" card from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
    Skill 2 A Prayer to Ward Away Evil ACT Once Per Turn Choose 1 other Holy War Flag ally. Until the end of the turn, that ally cannot be destroyed by the cost or effect of skills.
    Card Code B19-080N Illustrator Mattsun!

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