Jeralt: Dubbed the Blade Breaker - B18-048R

Jeralt: Dubbed the Blade Breaker - B18-048R - Fire Emblem Cipher 18

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    Class Paladin (Advanced) Cost 5(4)
    Symbol Crest of the Goddess None Affinities Male Lance Beast None None
    Attack 70 Support 10 Range 1
    Quote "Risking your life is part of the job for mercenaries like us. Letting your mind wander is a sure way to get yourself killed."
    Skill 1 Superlative Mercenary AUTO [ Flip 1 Bond ] When this unit attacks or is being attacked, you may pay the cost and if you do: Until the end of this combat, this unit gains +20 attack.
    Skill 2 Instruction Toward Victory ACT [ Flip 1 Bond ] Choose 1 other ally, and move them.
    Skill 3 Unaging Body CONT This unit cannot be destroy by the cost or effect of skills.
    Card Code B18-048R Illustrator Niko Komori
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