Grima: Ruler of Despair - B18-051SR

Grima: Ruler of Despair - B18-051SR - Fire Emblem Cipher 18

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  • Description

    Class Fell Dragon (Fixed) Cost 5
    Symbol Brand None Affinities Female Dragonstone Dragon None None
    Attack 70 Support 0 Range 1-2
    Quote "See how frail these human bonds of yours are? How short lived? How pointless? Come... Let sleep take you. Fade into the unending darkness of despair..."
    Skill 1 Rightful God SPEC If you have no allied "Grima", you are able to Level Up an allied "Robin (Female)" into this card.
    Skill 2 "Rejoice, for your demise is nigh." ACT You and your opponent each reveal the 5 topmost cards of your respective decks, and send them to the Boundless Area. Until the end of the game, you cannot use "Rejoice, for your demise is nigh."
    Skill 3 "Let hope die, and despair take root." ACT Once Per Turn [ Flip 1 Bond ] Choose 1 non-Main Character ally, and send them to the Boundless Area. Once you do, choose 1 card that does not have the same Unit Name as the chosen ally from your Boundless Area, and deploy it.
    Card Code B18-051SR Illustrator Senchat
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