Byleth (Female): She Who Bears the Goddess Within - B19-019SR

Byleth (Female): She Who Bears the Goddess Within - B19-019SR - Fire Emblem Cipher 19

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  • Description

    Class Enlightened One (Unique) Cost 5(4)
    Symbol Crest of the Goddess None Affinities Female Sword None None None
    Attack 70 Support 20 Range 1
    Quote "'Like so much rain, a pool of blood has fallen to the ground. And so, the people of this world are lost in an abyss of suffering. They weep as well. The only one who truly knows the nature of such things is I... Or rather, you.'"
    Skill 1 Oath of the Millennium Festival ACT Once Per Turn [ Flip 1 Bond ] Choose up to 2 cards with a Deployment Cost of 2 or lower from your hand, and deploy them.
    Skill 2 Guidance of Flames ACT Once Per Turn Reveal the 5 topmost cards of your Deck. From the revealed cards, choose up to 1 non-"Byleth (F)" card, stack the chosen card on top of an ally with the same Unit Name as that card to Class Change them, and send the rest to the Retreat Area.
    Card Code B19-019SR Illustrator Senchat

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