Introduction to “The Blog” and the Course I’ve Been Creating

Welcome everyone to the new blog where you’re going to find all sorts of content being posted every week. Each week may have a varying quantity of content, but the different types of content will remain consistent. First off, the Youtube series that I have been doing…

  • Breaking It Down
  • Life Talks
  • Market Watch
  • Pack Cracking

...will still be happening. That being said, having article accessibility, live content via Twitch/Youtube/Facebook, and the ability to directly upload videos, will allow me to bring you all a whole wider array of content. 

While I don’t want to give everything away that I’ve been working on, I will tell you that I have quite a few ideas of how I want to expand this content cross platform and bring back some past favorites, such as the full set review articles that Patreon members loved. I also would love to integrate some type of podcast where myself and other individuals discuss different topics relating to the industry, the hobby, or the world as a whole. 

While I don’t want the “we have a blog” post to be super long, there is one further topic I’d like to discuss with you all. About half a year back I made a post on Virbank City Gym where I asked the community if they’d ever pay for a course that was created about the business side of the industry. I didn’t get into specifics on the topics, nor did I name a price. While it was about 2:1 in favor of people who would buy it versus those who wouldn’t, one of the best comments came from a longtime friend, Charlie Hurlocker. To paraphrase, Charlie responded that he would not purchase a course for a few reasons. The first reason is that, generally, any kind of course worth buying would never be made because if the information was that good, the person making it would have no incentive to share it. Instead they’d be better off just using their knowledge to make more money than a course could ever make them. Other reasons included the fact that if a course was to be made, that it would either be incredibly vague, unreplicable, or outdated to the point that it wouldn’t serve the purpose for those who paid for it. I thought long and hard about this response. The points that Charlie brought up were exactly what I think when I scroll through Facebook and see finance courses, or “How to Make Tons of Money on Amazon FBA” posts. They are either a scam, outdated info, or too good to be true. So does that just mean I shouldn’t make one? 

That’s when I came up with a solution. I’m going to make a course, but I’m also going to make it free. That’s right. F R E E. So how can I make a course of actual valuable info, but not charge for it? Where is my payoff? It is quite simple actually. My payoff, and this is a huge gamble, is in traffic and loyalty. I’m going to provide valuable content, a lot of which will contain things I wish I would have known when I began in the industry for free. I get the traffic to the blog, to the website, and to my social media. It allows me to further expand my reach to more consumers, and therefore, hopefully sell more products. This course isn’t going to make you filthy rich. I’m not going to teach you how to quit your job and make millions in passive income while you sit on the beach in Hawaii. This course is going to give my knowledge and insights on a variety of topics to help facilitate your collecting, investing, or just general business within your respective hobbies. My goal is to help you create better habits, make fewer mistakes, and take what you learn and apply it to the things you’re already doing to make them that much better.  While I’ll use many examples from Pokemon, I actually plan to tailor this to where it could be applicable regardless of the industry you’re in. The topics will span so many different avenues that even the average/casual enthusiast will be able to find use out of the course. Again, what do you have to lose? It is free. 

Now if that’s not transparency, I don’t know what is. That’s my plan. There is a ton of content coming. It will all be free. I hope the payoff for all of us is there. Regardless of what happens, I look forward to the first post in the series coming very soon.


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